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AMRC Membership - FAQ

Is the AMRC a 1% or Outlaw Club

No, the AMRC is a motorcycle riding club "RC", not a motorcycle club "MC". We get along with everyone.

You Call It A Riding Club. Is This The Same As A Motorcycle Club?

No. An MC is a very different type of organization. The AMRC (Actors & Musicians Riding Club) is not defined as a motorcycle club. We are a riding club and shall always refer to ourselves in this manner.

Who Can Join?

You must be an actor, musician, crew member, or otherwise directly involved in the entertainment industry.

Do I Have To Be A Member To Participate?

No, we welcome what we call "Tags" (short for Tag Alongs) to join in on public events and rides. In order to qualify as a "Tag" you must either be a passenger with a member or an actor, musician, crew member, etc. Visit us (and LIKE us) on Facebook at www.facebook.com/amrcla for the most current updates and event notices.

Are Women Allowed To Be Members?

Of course! The AMRC does not discriminate. As long as you are someone who is an actor, musician, crew member, etc. we would love to have you.

If You Are Not A Motorcycle Club "MC" Why Do You Have Bylaws?

The short answer is that people in the entertainment industry are flaky, self-centered, and are sometimes rather shady characters. The AMRC Bylaws represent our principles and we expect that all members adhere to the structure of the club.

Do You Wear Patches/Colors?

Out of respect for true outlaw and 1% motorcycle clubs we do not wear colors, however we do wear patches on our jackets and/or vests and "AMRC Gear" to represent the riding club and to identify other members easily.

Is There A Prospecting Period?

No. Again, the AMRC is a Riding Club not an MC.